Ten Towns


Ten Towns

The Ten Towns  of Icewind Dale are a loose confederation of localized fishing villages in Icewind Dale, bordered individually by the lakes Lac Dinneshere, Maer Dualdon and Redwaters, and the mountain Kelvins Cairn.

Home to a multitude of men and women with checkered pasts, the Ten Towns are relatively young, founded less than 50 years ago by exiles and renegades from southern lands. In the past 20 years, the towns have survived two major attacks - the first from tundra barbarians, and the second from the forces of Akar Kessell, a mad wizard under the power of the evil artifact. 

The towns are all fiercely independent and fiercely competitive with one another, particularly with towns that share the same lake. Fighting between rival ships is not uncommon.

If one needs a place to hide, the Ten Towns may be the last place anyone will come to look… or the first.


Official decisions for the towns are made by a council consisting of one influential member from each town. These council members meet in the council building just outside Bryn Shander, which was unanimously recognized as the capital of Ten Towns, and of Icewind Dale itself, once a month during the summer season, and once every three in the winter.


Ten-Town-citizens - Its population is predominantly human, dwarf, and half-elf, with very few elves, gnomes, and halflings. Half-orcs are viewed with suspicion and discrimination, but they can get by if they acquit themselves carefully. Tieflings are regarded with fear and openly avoided… the region's history has taught the people of Ten Towns to be wary of anything with a fiendish taint. Dragonborn are often viewed with fascination as exotic oddities — few Ten-Towners have ever seen something draconic in nature up close, but they've all heard stories. 

Surrounded by the unforgiving tundra of the dale, theirs is a life fraught with danger; tundra yeti, barbarian, goblin and orc raids constantly threaten the towns, and only through their combined efforts and carefully honed defenses do they yet survive.

The Ten Towns are…

Bryn Shander
Dougans Hole
Good Mead

Ten Towns

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