Targos is the second-largest city of the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale.


The city sits on the southernmost shore of the Maer Dualdon along a series of high cliff walls that shelter its port from the savage winter winds. The harbor's deep waters allow the construction of vessels which were large for the area, and the sheltering cliffs permit construction to continue through much of the year. As a result the town is amongst the top towns of the region for dominance of the knucklehead trout industry. The city itself, and much of the harbor, is surrounded by a city wall.


Like most of the Ten Towns, Targos specializes in trading knucklehead trout. Its hundred-boat fleet takes in a larger catch than the other three towns on Maer Dualdon combined.

Notable locations

The city's "Ash Quarter" is a neighborhood that was blackened and destroyed by one of Akar Kessell's attacks.

Inns and taverns

Wolf's Pelt Inn.
Salty Dog Tavern, A tavern located in the cove at the base of the cliffs.
Weeping Widow Inn.
Wind Gate.
The Trip and Shuffle, a rough tavern located near the gate.


Gallaway Trade Depot, general store located in the main town at the top of the cliffs.
Market Square, located in the center of town.


Kemp's House, home to Spokesman Kemp, located in the northern part of the town.


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