Kelvins Cairn

Kelvin's Cairn is a mountain in Icewind Dale.


Kelvin's Cairn is a free-standing 1,000-foot-tall mountain fronted by a river valley about as deep as the mount is high. The mountain top is always capped with snow and ice even through the short summer. The mountain is the only peak within a thousand miles, even though it appears as merely a pile of loose boulders.

Dwarven Valley

Stretching South South West for several miles from the south face of the Cairn is a deep trench known locally as the Dwarven Valley. It consists mostly of underground mining tunnels and relatively austere living quarters made from expended mining tunnels.

Bruenor's Climb

Bruenor's Climb is a 15-foot-high column of stone that offers a vantage point over Termalaine and Maer Dualdon. It was a favorite place of reflection of Bruenor Battlehammer, King of the dwarves and former foreman of Kelvin's Cairn. It's located four miles south of Kelvin's Cairn, on the east bank of the valley. The Climb was destroyed in 1356 DR but the dwarves reconstructed it in Bruenor's honour.


The main method of ingress to the valley was a natural switchback at the base of the Cairn's southern face. It was also used by the dwarves as a chokepoint against attacks from marauding orcs or reghedmen.



Most of the Dwarven Valley was abandoned when the location of Mithral Hall was rediscovered but some of the dwarves who'd left for the Hall returned to their homes beneath the Cairn.


The Dwarven Valley is of course home to dwarves. Specifically, dwarves of Clan Battlehammer, formerly led by Bruenor Battlehammer. From underneath this vale, the dwarves have mined iron and forged it into well-crafted weapons and armor that were then sold in Bryn Shander, located at the other end of the valley.

Wild beasts were often found on and around the mountain, including verbeeg, yetis and Remorhaz. Verbeeg were especially fond of making their dens in the rocky cliff faces.

Kelvins Cairn

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