Dougans Hole

Dougan's Hole is the smallest of the Ten Towns in Icewind Dale, with a population of around 100, most of them fishermen.


The town is located on the western shore of Redwaters, southwest of Good Mead. Two piers jut out into the lake: the Short Pier and the Long Pier. A gravel path marks the northern edge of the settlement.

Directly to the south of Dougan's Hole on a small hill is a huge megalith composed of twenty granite slabs formed into an equilateral triangle. This megalith is known as the Twenty Stones of Thruun, named for a long-dead god. The purpose or creator of the stones is unknown.


The Spokesman of Dougan's Hole is Freya Grynstead, the widow of the previous spokesman who died while fishing out on the lake. Freya lives in a house in the middle of town connected to the fishhouse by a boardwalk.

Dougans Hole

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