Caer-Konig is one of the towns of Ten Towns in Icewind Dale.


Caer-Konig is located on the northern shore of Lac Dinneshere, not far from Caer-Dineval. The fishing waters of the lake are shared between the two towns, but fishermen nevertheless often squabble over territory.


In 1356 DR, Bremen and Caer-Konig were given to the barbarians of Icewind Dale after the war with Akar Kessell. Revjak became the spokesperson for Bremen.


The town straddled the round harbor in a semicircle, with a line of buildings at the edge of the harbor, an uphill slope, and a circular round with buildings.


Market square, located on the eastern side of the city.
Market Inn, located on the market square.
Tavern, located on the market square.
Schermont's house, located in the upper part of the town near the ruined caer.
Ruined caer (castle), located on a small hill above the town overlooking the harbor.


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