Caer-Dineval is one of the towns of Ten Towns of Icewind Dale.


Caer-Dineval is located on the northwestern bank of Lac Dinneshere, not far south of Caer-Konig. The two towns have an agreement to share fishing rights, but nevertheless squabble over fishing territory.

The town itself is situated in a half-circle around Knucklehead Harbor, with The Caer castle overlooking the harbor from the Cliffs of Dinev in the east.


The Caer, the only standing castle in the Ten Towns.
The Uphill Climb, an up-scale tavern in the northeastern part of town that serves brews from Good Mead and food from Bryn Shander.
The Eastway, a tradeway that leads west from the city.
A ruined watchtower, at the southern edge of town near the harbor.
A trio of warehouses, lining the harbor's southwestern edge.


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