Bremen is the westernmost of the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale.


Bremen is located on the southwestern shore of Maer Dualdon, where the Shaengarne River meets the lake. Bremen's position makes it susceptible to flooding, although Bremenites know the signs and lives are rarely lost because of it.


In 1356 DR, Bremen and Caer-Konig were given to the barbarians of Icewind Dale after the war with Akar Kessell. Revjak became the spokesperson for Bremen.

Notable locations

Earvin's Treasures, a small shop run by the Luskanite wizard Earvin Fastul, who gathers magical trinkets displaced by Bremen's regular flooding.
Five Tavern Center, a cluster of five taverns arranged on a circular gravel square. The proximity of the taverns leads to outdoor bar fights nearly every night.
Knuckleheader, a tavern run by Darby Snide
Shaengarne Street, a street lining the harbor and separating the town from the floodplains along the banks of the river.
Statue of Rolph Bremen, presumably a founder of Bremen.
Spokesman's house and town hall.


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